Our service area includes all of South Maui (including Kihei, Wailea, Maui Meadows), Ma'alaea, and Waikapu. And Kaho'olawe (for real). Service outside this area is available for an additional charge.

Our Services include:

•  Emergency Repairs - We will be there when you need us the most!
•  Design and Installation - We love figuring things out and making them work!
•  Lighting Design - Just another thing that we love to do and are really good at.
•  New Construction - We excel at being a part of the team that plans, designs, and creates your new home or commercial space.
•  Commercial - Down time is money down the drain. We know that and we will take care of you!
•  Residential - Safe and secure is how we are going to leave you feeling!
•  Remodeling/Buildouts - Change is good (and fun!).
•  Alternative Energy Systems - There's more than one way to get the electricity you need!
•  Handholding and Free Advice! - Our mission is to make sure you don't kill yourself and burn your house down.  Money will never be as important to us as your safety!

After years of too many conflicts and awkward moments with the very people I was trying to help, I have finally devised a method which assures that our clients never overpay and we are never underpaid, thus being able to continue to provide the excellent service we want to provide.

And depending on the circumstances, we will always let you know what is the most you will have to pay for the work we agree to.

For Expert, Honest & Reliable Service